Public Facilities

Public Facilities.

SA-Engineers has been involved in a number of public facilities renovations. Below are some explanations of a few of our projects.


Destiny Mall Pedestrian Bridge

Syracuse, NY   –   2014

11-3442- Destiny Pedestrian Bridge (25) - 2012Project includes the design of a 22 ft. wide x 290 ft. long x 12 ft. high Pedestrian Bridge over Hiawatha Boulevard connecting the existing shopping mall structure to an external parking area.  The  Bridge consists of three (3) spans with the longest span being 130 feet.  The Bridge is designed using structural steel built-up trusses spanning between reinforced concrete piers.  The roof beams are  attached to the bridge truss top chords and the floor beams are attached to the truss bottom chords.  The Bridge floor consists of concrete over composite metal deck and the roof consists of metal  deck.  One end of the Bridge is connected directly to the mall structure and the other end has a two (2) story structural steel and composite slab entry structure.  The entry structure and the piers are  centered on piles due to the presence of poor soils.

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Vankeuren Square Apartments

Syracuse, NY   –   2013

11-3458 - Vankeuren Square Apartments (4) - 2012

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Massena Medical Office Building

Massena, NY   –   2012

11-3430 - Massena Medical Office Building (1) - 2012

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Southampton Fire Station

Southampton, NY   –   2011


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Tully Fire Station

Tully, NY   –   2010


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Clock Tower Office Building

Cortland, NY   –   2009


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Landmark Theatre

Syracuse, NY  –   Renovations   –   2011

   The Landmark Theatre Project includes renovations, structural repairs, stage house addition, and office addition to the historic downtown theater building. We were responsible for structural design and construction  administration. Our design included a demolition sequence plan of the existing stage house while preserving the historic façade and theatre structures. It also involved designing a larger and taller (  7,000 sq. ft.) stage house addition with full basement, stage, grid iron, loading gallery, and fly gallery framing. The existing office area roof was removed and converted into a third floor (2,500 sq. ft.)  of additional office space with a new roof structure added above. The existing theatre auditorium roof trusses, and framing were reinforced to accommodate snow drift load caused by the taller stage  house.

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